Our mission is to decrease the literacy gap and enable indigenous children and youth to leverage their cultural heritage as a source of learning and a personal economic driver to leave the streets 



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  • We train indigenous children and youth in illiteracy or low educational levels who are at risk of child begging or illegality to return to schools.


    In our Community Schools program they learn to do math, science and technology while creating music, paintings, stories and short films. 

    We base the STEAM educational model on their culture, we make schools easy to engage with, fun and meaningful, so that their first time in education motivates them to continue and not return to the streets.

    This ensures that we return to schools and retain more than 500 children and youth at risk of dropping out every year.


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    Education program for native kids at risk (6-13 years old)

  • We partner with with local government, businesses and community schools to advance opportunities for indigenous youth in La Guajira. Through hands on-training and action networks to boost indigenous student’s entrepreneurial skills to enhance solutions that ensure peace and sustainable development for their communities.

    In our certificated courses, young indigenous facing financial pressures at risk of begging, joining armed groups and drugs cartels, learn entrepreneurial skills in the cultural industry, create projects that are exhibit worldwide and connect with global markets from school. We help them to be sustainable at the same moment they go to school so that they do not have to return to the streets. 

    This program ensures over 100 youth at risk continue their education every year. 

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    Education program for native youth at risk (13-21 years old)

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