Our history

We work with allies to provide access and continuity in the training of children and young people at risk, through our technologies developed for educational inclusion and sustainable development.

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International allies.

In vulnerable conditions

Users training in the future with us.

Our accessible training platform.


Our mission is to work with public and private partners to provide access to training for children and young adults in vulnerable contexts, designing and implementing innovative technologies and methodologies with a differential approach.


Our vision is to give access to high quality training to more than 10,000 children, youth and adults in vulnerable communities and rural schools around LATAM and the Global South, each year, through our technology designed for training without barriers.

Strategic objectives

1. Position ourselves as the expert social organization in educational inclusion in indigenous communities in Colombia and the Latin region.

2. Benefit more than 250,000 new students from different rural areas of Colombia and Latin America.

3. Achieve sustainability and permanence in the operation of our current social programs, such as O-LAB.

4. Contribute to the construction of well-being, diversity and progress to improve the quality of life of our impacted communities.

We legally, ethically and reliably administer each material and / or financial resource that our allies and donors provide us.


We add experience, teamwork and strategy to impact more communities that require it.




Our land needs our will and we give everything for our children and young people!

We all have the right to education, progress and a better quality of life, present and future.

We continue to work for educational and technological inclusion, regardless of adversity.