Team #weareElOrigen

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Executive director CEO

I was born and raised in the most cultural and ironically the poorest region in Colombia, the indigenous region of La Guajira.

As a political scientist and international relations professional I am committed to build a bridge between our  communities, the State and the world, in order to create young leaders capable to change our world.

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treasure CFO

I build opportunities for progress for the most vulnerable communities, generating economic and intellectual growth in the department that gave birth to me.



Operations director COO

"Music can change the world because people can change." We want to change the world, crossing borders with our cultures and arts.




The music is the universal language. In El Origen we work through it for a more inclusive and tolerant world.


Academic coordinator


We plant dreams. guaranteeing the care and development of the cultural roots of our indigenous children and youth; sowing with love and joy the seeds that will blossom and grow for the future.

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Fundraising and U.S. Relationship Partner

Amber Hammond

I believe in a future where all children have the environment necessary to help them succeed.

I am working  to build sustainable sources of income for our programs and the communities we serve through my social enterprise, Ciela Handmade. 

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Marketing Director CFO

Michel Lopesierra

“All children are born artists. The problem is how to continue being artists when growing up. ”Pablo Picasso.

My commitment is to find solutions and means for children to remain artists even when they are older and mature men, who through the arts can dream of having a better future for their lives and that of their families.




El arte como elemento mágico es la línea fronteriza entre lo real y lo sensorial. Queremos enseñarlo como el amor a la existencia, el amor a su cultura, a cada gestos, colores, emociones y sueños. De donde cada niño sea el protagonista de su cultura reflejado en el desarrollo de su obra personal (el desarrollo de su vida)


Certified Public Accountant


Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. We help bring this to the communities that need it and thus leave footprints on young people.