Our mission is inclusive, accesible and personalised education. And we know that technological approaches are a huge tool in closing this inequality and opportunity gaps.

Project-based methodologies.

Complementary training, employment and entrepreneurship, applying innovative methodologies.


Higher retention rate, managing to reduce gaps.

We stimulate access and continuity in basic, middle and higher education, with specialized tutors, semi-face-to-face programs and our O-lab application.


Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Since I was a child I saw an unjust world, dreamless and big egoistic children, as I grew up I understood the problem and the solutions did not seem so uncertain.

I only do what I do because my heart forbade me to ignore it.


Fundraising and US Relationship Partner

I believe in a future where all children have the environment they need to help them be successful. I work to build sustainable sources of income for communities through my social business, Ciela Handmade.



Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world. We help bring this to the communities that need it and thus leave a mark on young people .


Academic coordinator

We plant dreams guaranteeing the care and development of the cultural roots of our indigenous children and youth; sowing with love and happiness the seeds that will flourish and grow for the future.



As an Ethno-educator I consider that teachers are the point of articulation between pedagogy and ancestral knowledge, based on the fact that the most efficient tool is education based on autonomy. Eki'rajawaa wakua'ipalu'ujee.


Communication Designer

My responsibility as a designer is to always be able to provide an optimal experience that makes you feel comfortable and safe to share with us.


Marketing & Graphic Design

"Marketing and design is the life and face of the soul of any brand" I am a Guajiro passionate about his land, my passion is marketing and helping those who need it most, one by one and little by little we will be more.


Commercial & Marketing Director

"Working for the most vulnerable communities is what inspires me every day; because we all have the right to include a better quality of life and progress that as a country, we must strive in each corner of the planet"


Commercial & Marketing Assistant

For me what I do means a search to return to the union that we have as a world. I believe that helping others helps us to recognize ourselves as the other.


Web developer

Since we do not choose where and how to be born, but we can decide how to train to help, my hope is to design a world where the lack of opportunities is a lack of the past, contributing with technological tools to confront our generation.


Software engineer

With O-LAB I hope to change the lives of children and young people who do not have access to a quality education, that is why I want to provide them with tools and knowledge, so that they themselves are the protagonists of their progress.