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    Open call for  young students worldwide to participate in our schools of arts as exchange students. With our students and tutors in our native communities you will learn and create books, music, photography works, short films and paintings in contact with natural and cultural heritage.

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    Summer camps and Grad trips available now!!

    You can become #amigosdelorigen

    Trough short terms exchanges you and your team will live unique experiences in contact with natural and cultural contexts that are world human heritage.

    Arts, traditions, nature, children, beaches, rivers, watersports and more

    Make your team trip something remarkable that might change your life.

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    Join us to ensure over 1000 children and youth raise their voices.

    From home you can make a difference and learn experience working to ensure sustainable development for our communities.

    Publicists, designers, artists, influencers etc, volunteers will have an opportunity to live a cultural exchange for life!

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    We are a community based non profit organization.

    You can join this community of change makers now!

    With $15 USD you will ensure a child in illiteracy access to an education program (this donation provide a child with: water, snacks, transportation, tutors, school and art supplies for a month).

    With $100 USD you will ensure a child in illiteracy become a cultural entrepreneur in literacy. (this donation provide full access to our education and development program including: water, snacks, transportation, tutors, exhibitions, school and art supplies for an academic year.)


    Help us to create over 1000  indigenous young cultural entrepreneurs every year.
    Donating $15 USD will make the change.

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    We ensure sustainable development for our young students.

    The biggest cause of school dropouts in ethnic groups is because they have to walk and wait for hours in a touristic spot to sell their artworks so they can earn some money to self sustain.

    By buying an article from our cultural e-market you will ensure a student do not have to spend hours in a touristic spot to sell that product and can go to school instead.

    Hundred of young students truly thank you for allowing them to go to school.

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In a clic you can reach 1000 students' dream



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Tel: (+57) 318 6520043

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